Library Cookbook: Jamie Oliver at Home: English Cheddar Onion Soup

The third meal from Jamie's book "At Home" was his version of onion soup.
He explains that slowly cooking the onions, not letting them caramelize, is the key to the sweet taste.  
Choosing a variety of onions was recommended, I got leeks, garlic, shallots,red and white onion

Start with olive oil garlic and sage, he kept reminding you that slow was the key, and to 
remove them before they begin to color.

The odor was strong that day, my friend!
Even using a food processor to slice up the onions, I had to step away several times due to burning and leaking eye balls.  It actually turned out quite nice looking.  I followed instructions and allowed it to cook very slowly.

The other thing that is different from the french, the cheese.  
Cheddar is melted here, and same as the french, crusty bread is used to prop up
the cheese.

I served the extra bread on the side, and it may have been a bit too much bread.
Great for soaping up the broth, but there was bread in the soup too.
This had such a sweet onion flavor and the
cheddar was a great replacement cheese.

I loved this soup.  I doubt that I will never venture into france again for their
lovely original onion soup.  As a matter of fact, I will add both countries take on onion soup, 
into my recipe arsenal.
FYI - Zachary had hot dogs that night.  He's adventurous, but not THAT much.

Once again, the flock has been fed!


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