Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Green Bean, Tomato & Feta Salad with Couscous with Roasted Grapes and Pine Nuts

Our good friend Elizabeth came to spend some time with us, so I decided
to do it up right.  We decided to stuff chicken breasts with brie, bacon, walnuts and basil.
The side dishes were equally as delicious, green bean salad with tomatoes,
slivered almonds, feta cheese and mint was made into a salad.
I also took couscous and put roasted champagne grapes, toasted pine nuts
and chopped italian parsley.

I started off cooking the bacon with rosemary.

I cooked the green beans for only about 2 minutes.

Then stopped the cooking process with an ice bath.
This was a cold salad, but the quick cook kept the bright
green color and fresh taste.

I put a slight toast on the slivered almonds.

Green beans, tomatoes, feta cheese and slivered almonds were
tossed in a dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and lemon juice.

I broiled a few hatch chilis to add to the stuffing 
for the chicken.  I put them in a ziplock bag to sweat, 
then I removed the skins and seeds.

I butterflied the chicken and then pounded them thin.

I used the rosemary bacon, brie, hatch chilies, basil and walnuts
to stuff the chicken.

This is what it looked like before I rolled and cooked it.

Here are the stuffed chickens ready for the oven.

Here is the tablescape with our spode china

This is a close up of this deliciousness.
The stand out was the green bean salad.
So good!
Bacon and brie baked inside a chicken breast...
come on, you can't go wrong.

I think we had a successful dinner.
I got thumbs up all around!!

Flock fed!


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