Rotisserie Chicken, sauteed Fennel and Mashed Cauliflower

Dutchie and I were discussing meal options and I said, "dr pepper ribs"! and she said 
"no, something much more healthy!"  So I mustered all the moxie that I had and said...
"yes, dear....something healthy is exactly what I was thinking."

Dr pepper ribs will be the next entry (maybe).

So a simple rotisserie chicken was the basis for the meal.  We went to Sprouts, and bought
some fennel, and a few salad ingredients to add to what I already had.

While I was cooking the chicken, I thought that cornbread might go well with this meal.
I usually have pre-made mix, but I had nothing of the sort.
However, I did have cornmeal.  LIGHTBULB!  
There was a recipe on the cornmeal package, so I made homemade cornbread for the FIRST time!!!
I was happy, cause I used our new cast iron item and it worked perfectly for
3 servings of cb!

On a whim I also bought a bulb of fennel, cause I knew it would taste great 
with the chicken.  I was right.  I used my mandolin and sliced it thin, and
did a quick sauté.

With the addition of a salad with lots of stuff from our co-op, I plated a great looking and 
tasting meal.  The cornbread was awesome, my portion had 3 jalapenos!
Included in the "healthy meal" ethos, was mashed cauliflower...greatness!!!
But something I've done on MANY occasions.
This meal was very nice!  I loved it...simple and very tasty.
The photo doesn't even come close to representing how
tasty this meal was. 

Zachary loved everything except the fennel, but I 
can confidently say the the flock was fed quite well!!


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