Rib Eye Stir Fry with Dan Dan Noodles

I found this recipe in my new Jamie Oliver "Meals in Minutes" book, and it wasn't until well into cooking the meal that I realized that the veggies were boiled, to make the broth, and not
stir fried as the title suggests.  Anyway, that fact didn't do much to detract from the flavor of this meal.

The reader's digest of the recipe is to boil the greens (bok choy, snap peas and brocollini-they didn't have brocollini so I omitted it), Grill a thick rib eye steak, then while it rests top it with ginger, garlic and cilantro.  Cook some chow mein noodles, fettucini will suffice as used here, in the water you used to cook the greens.
Add some chinese 5 spice, garlic and soy to your serving bowls.
After the meat has rested, slice it thin and place it on top of the noodles, which are on top 
of the greens, which were added to the broth.
I omitted some spice from the recipe since I have a 6 year old, but I added 
sirachi sauce to mine, and got the perfect amount of spice.

The photos did not show the greens.   I think it would have been better to layer the noodles first, then the greens, then the steak.  That would have added a bit more color pop, but the flavor was still awesome once you shoved some chop sticks down to get a good bite.

Zach didn't care for the broth, but he ate the steak, snap peas and some noodles.
That to me seems like a successful flock feed!!!


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