Lobster Rolls!!!

Was having a hard time coming up with something to fix tonight.  We just got 
a co-op basket, but nothing was sounding good.
I remembered that Kroger had lobsters on sale, so I 
thought I'd take a stab at lobster rolls.
I bought 3 small lobsters, and took out all the meat I could, trying to keep
the pieces as big as possible.
I paired this with grilled corn on the cob, that has been described as mexican corn.
(mayonnaise, salt/pepper and parmesan cheese)
I wrap them in foil and usually all the cheese stays on the foil.
I need to remember that and add the cheese at the end.
The corn, tomatoes and bib lettuce (I think thats what its called)
were all from the co-op.  The tomatoes were extremely good!

Mayo, scallions, celery, lime juice and tabasco made up the lobster salad.
It was SOOOO hard not to eat all the lobster as I was making it, but 
I was able to resist after a few nibbles.
We had some hoogie rolls, so I buttered them and heated them for a few seconds
in the cast iron skillet.  A little lettuce on the bun, then some lobster and
I had fixed my first LR.  I've always wanted to try this.

Oh and one more thing....

I used our co-op pears and added it to a store bought pie crust, and 
viola!!!  Pear pie.  This is also a first for me.

I can proudly say that this meal was a success, and it WILL
be happening again.
The feeding of the flock was successful!!


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