Trick I learned from my mother

My mom would always bring home a doggie bag when they went out to eat, including the empty baked potato skins. Then the next morning she would make hashbrowns from the skins and a scramble out of any leftover steak.
No baked tators last night, so this morning I made a scramble with our leftover sirloin and coconut shrimp and I added bacon.
Sauté some onions and garlic, add steak tomatoes and eggs. Sprinkle cheese let melt a bit, then crumble bacon and chives on top and enjoy!

The hashbrowns were always a welcome treat and I have done this trick MANY times. Dutchie has even effectively made a potato cake out of leftover mashed. My attempts at this have so far failed. She is the potato cake queen.

Please comment a cooking technique you learned from your mother!
Or one you hope to pass down to your kids!!!


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