Lasagne Rolls and Asparagus/goat cheese tart

First of all....Big props to Chrystal at Food Fondness,,
for the AWESOMENESS that is an asparagus goat cheese tart recipe, which I stole and thoroughly enjoyed.  Also I took another recipe and altered it to make it more like lasagna for the rolls.

You HAVE to try both of these, maybe not together, but they both will definitely satisfy.

Tart photo is prior to baking.

The lasagna rolls are the perfect portion with a different twist (photo is prior to me layering mozzarella cheese over the top).  The melted cheese that fell off and stuck to the pan made some cool cheese chips that I couldn't help but eat, even though I was completely stuffed.

These will both be made again....and again.....and again!!!!  The photo doesn't even come close to showing how awesome these both tasted.


  1. That's awesome Todd!! Thanks for the props. Glad you enjoyed them!


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