chicken, mushroom and onion quesadillas

Monday is mexican night, so I went simple and made quesa-dillas!!!!

Used left over shitake mushrooms, onions, garlic and chicken and paired it with some black beans.

Zachary didn't like them cause he said he didn't like the garlic, so I fooled him and gave him some of the filling, which also contained garlic, and he ate it with no hassles.

Quesadillas are a simple, and usually kid friendly, meal that can easily be whipped up at the last minute.

Always reminds me of the line in "Napoleon Dynomite"...
"make you a dang queso-dillo!!!!"
and for some reason this line too...
"eat your food, TINA!!!"


  1. LOL Love Napolean Dynamite! Me and friends at work were just quoting that today too. "Eat your food Tina! Gosh!" Looks delicious man!


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