Venison Sausage

Still have tons of venison, so I thought I'd make some sausage.
We are doing our annual tradition of spending New Years Eve
with our good friends, the Millers, and this year we are cooking
a bunch of appetizers or small plates or tapas for grazing.
One of the things we discussed is small individual pizzas, so 
this sausage will be perfect for that.

I started with a 2-1 ratio of venison to pork fat.  I chose
salt pork due to its high fat content, and its close relation to bacon
and I used meat from the ham portion of the deer.

I sent this through the course grinder.

This is what it looks like after the first grind.
I thought it looked a bit chunky, so I took half of 
it and sent it through a second time, then mixed the two together.

I included panko, dry mustard, shiner, white wine, rubbed sage, herbs d Reid,
fennel seeds, s/p and lest of meyer lemons (plus 1 normal).

This is what it looked like before I put it back through to encase it.

I got almost 2 lengths of casings filled and it looks great.
I used the meat that was leftover in the machine to form a patty, which I
cooked right on the spot.  Tasted great, not gamey.  The wine
and the lemon added a great flavor.

I hope the linked sausage does as good as the tester.
I assume it will!

Happy New Year to you all!!!
Thank you for spending some time with the Father as he
Feeds his Flock.


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