Whole Red Snapper with Savory Tomato Sauce with Baby Bok Choy and Fried Brown Rice and Broccoli

I started with these ingredients...

Celery, onions and green peppers sweated it out in the pan to start
the culinary feat.

Then I added tomatoes (from our garden, of course), tomato paste, garlic, worchester, 
ketchup and shirachi sauce which I cooked until tender.

I had a leftover roasted corn, so I sliced
it off the cob and added it to the sauce to 
inpart some sweetness and depth of flavor.

We got a large container of baby bok choy from Costco
so this was the vegetable de jour.

I added some shallots, butter and olive oil and the
wilting began.

Once the celery was tender, I put the tomato sauce through
the ricer.  This created a smooth and savory sauce.

After scaling the snapper, I put it in a pan
and added the sauce.  This baked in a 350 degree oven until done.

I also had some leftover brown rice from Pei Wei, so 
I fried it with broccoli and parsley.

This didn't sound like the best meal when I found it in "The Joy of Cooking",
but I had trouble finding things that weren't more than just using herbs and lemons
and baking.  This sounded like a challenge.


The tomato sauce was quite good, and could have been 
eaten on its own as a tomato soup.
The combination of the snapper with the sauce was quite good.
Paired with bok choy and fried brown rice...come on!  

Flock fed!


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