Olympics Opening Ceremonies 2012. Which means Fish N Chips for Dinner!!!

We knew that we were going to 
watch the opening ceremonies for the olympics tonight.
As we all know, 2012 was in London.
Having been to London, we wanted to eat
something that reminded us of our trip while we watched.

Fish n Chips came to my mind and then I couldn't 
think of anything else.

The chips were homemade, hand cut and pre-fried until just starting to turn brown,
then set aside to await the second fry to crisp them up.

I found an English beer battered recipe online.  In which, I learned
that if you let the fish sit in the flour for a bit, it will help keep 
it from sliding off during frying.

After sitting in the flour and being coated by a simple
beer batter (Boddingtons Pub Ale and a dash of Malt Vinegar), 
I used the Fry Daddy to create a crisp & golden brown.

I plated the fish on the chips, with a side of coleslaw!
Of course with a little lemon to squeeze over the fish.

Two other things helped the experience...
Malt Vinegar and Boddingtons!

I absolutely LOVE malt vinegar on fried fish, and even when it
spills over to the chips.

We got several thumbs up on this one folks!
The fish, was crisp and fresh and the chips were amazing!
The 2 stage frying method is definitely the way to go.

I was reminded of our time in London.

Flock, fed!
Go Team USA!!!


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