3 All-American Pizzas - Cheeseburger, Hot Dog & Bratwurst

I wanted to do something traditional for the 4th of July holiday, but since
this is a father feeding his flock, I didn't want to just grill hot dogs and burgers.
So I thought about it, and came up with some specialty pizzas.
Why not make a couple of pizzas that contained and tasted like
the traditional holiday fare.
I've heard of, and eaten cheeseburger pizza, but never
even thought about a hot dog pizza.  
At the last minute, I thought about sauerkraut.  Which lead
me to bratwurst.  Boom!  3 pizzas!

Instead of just browning some hamburger meat, I thought about creating
small patties, and pre-cooked them, as if I was making sliders.

The cast iron and grill press were perfect to get the
crust that I was looking for.

Here is what my patties looked like.

I, once again, used J-Liver's (Jamie Oliver) homemade pizza dough recipe.
For the cheeseburger pizza I used pizza sauce, 
mixed with ketchup.  Then I added chopped red onions,
diced roma tomatoes and chopped dill pickles.  Yes!  Dill pickles!!!
I used cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella, cause that's what
I put on my cheeseburgers.  
There will be more toppings after cooking.

For the hot dog and brat pizzas, I didn't want to use pizza sauce.
The Dutchess whipped up a great mustard sauce using
yellow, stone ground and spicy brown mustards.

I used this as you would the normal pizza sauce.

I used some cheddar and mozzarella cheese.  Then 
place some Nathan's hot dogs on the pie.

I added some chopped onions to half, and some ketchup to about 
one quarter (the Dutchess doesn't do ketchup on hot dogs or burgers).
I think the ketchup helped with the experience, as I'm strange
and put ketchup on hot dogs.
As we were eating this, we thought about relish, and tried 
a slice with it.  It helped with the experience too.
I originally nixed this idea, cause I had pickles on the
cheeseburger, and I didn't want the same flavors.

The last one was similar to the second one, except I used
beer brats and added sauerkraut.

To complete the cheeseburger, I added shredded lettuce, and more 
chopped tomatoes.  After taking this photo, I decided to squirt
some mustard on the top.  It added so much to the cheeseburger experience.

The mustard sauce hot dog pizza turned out MUCH better
than it may sound.  The mustard sauce was actually 
quite tasty, and brought the pizza more into 
the hot dog universe.

The sauerkraut was the stand out for the brat pizza.

I have to say, that I was impressed and happy that this plan
worked out.  Each pizza had the taste and experience of their 
respective inspirations.  In order of my preference were cheeseburger,
bratwurst than hot dog.

The very best thing about making multiple homemade pizzas is....

Father, uniquely fed his flock!


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