Tilapia En Papillote, which is just a fancy way of saying cooked in a paper bag.

I had dinner with some friends of this weekend.
I promised her that I wouldn't blog about her, so lets just call 
her Suzy!  Now, "Suzy" is a great cook, and I have enjoyed
many meals over the years courtesy of her hands.  She did not ruin her winning
streak, and cooked a red snapper wrapped in a parchment pouch with herbs
and lemons.  It was so good, that it inspired me to use this method for
my flock, the very next day.
I repeat, the following photos are NOT from "Suzy", hers looked
much better.  These photos are instead, my version of 
Tilapia En Papillote with Polenta and Arugela with Mango Sauce.

I'm proud to say that I was able to whip this one up from items I 
had in the garden, pantry and freezer.  Frozen tilapia is awesome to 
have around, a few minutes thawing in some warm water, and fresh seafood.

I choose oregano and sage for the herbs, and I rested the fish on 
a leaf of kale.  I sprinkled with salt and topped with lemon and 
wrapped them in parchment paper.

A closer look at the pouch.

This is how it looked before I wrapped it.

I had some mangos and blood oranges so I thought
they might complement the bitterness of the arugela that I pulled 
out of the garden.  I chopped the mango, juiced one blood orange, added 
a splash of soy, drop of sesame oil, sage, red wine vinegar and lime juice.
I food processed it to create a creamy dressing.

I towered some polenta and drizzled some of the mango sauce.
I was very sneaky with my own plating and stuffed my tower with
diced jalpenos (from the garden of course) in the middle of it.
I did the fancy sauce swirl on the plate, added the perfectly cooked
tilapia and topped it with arugela leaves with mango sauce.

The mangos were a combo of sweet and spicy kick, that I love about mangos.
However, Zach wasn't a big fan of that or the arugela.  I made him
a normal salad with ranch...yawn!

I had a lot of pressure cause "Suzy" set the bar high, and I had to worry
about technique, creativity and taste.
Having to pull together from stuff I already had on hand,
and able to create THIS....come on, dude!

Father fed his flock a light, healthy and delicious dinner.


  1. This is "Suzy" attempting to comment, per our conversation last night. I'm glad your tillapia turned out well - I'll have to try that next time. I'm not much of a mango fan, but you use it often. I may have to give it a Todd-treatment and try in again. You MUST teach me to make polenta. Mine is awful!!! It turns out bland and gummy.

    Is that arugula in your photos? It looks like kale?

  2. There is both. I cooked the tilapia with kale, but then served it with arugula.


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