Homemade Pepperoni Rolls

I saw these in Cook's Country magazine, at least a version of what
I eventually made.  I got merely the idea and a special trick from
the magazine, the rest was from my food crush, JLiver!

The few tricks from the recipe involved the pepperoni.  First,
you microwave the pepperoni to render the fat (pepperoni oil).
Separate and maintain oil and pepperoni.

Then I created JLiver's homemade pizza dough, with another trick.
I took the pepperoni oil and added it to the dough ingredients. 

As always, let the dough double in size.

Then I rolled it out to a thin sheet and used my new
pizza cutter to cut rectangles.

The basic setup is a few halved balls of mozzerella, the microwaved
pepperoni, and a leaf of garden basil (not shown, as I made a few for Zachary sans basil).

I rolled the rectangles up to create the rolls.
Instead of an egg wash, I used the liquid from the mozz balls
to make sure the sesame seeds stuck.

I had to show my new pizza tools!  I love them!

The rolls turned out great, my only criticism is that I could
have used MORE pepperoni!!

I plated with a simple salad, blue cheese was my dressing of choice.
I also got marinara sauce, to which I added garden basil and garlic powder, 
for dipping.

Here is a side view of what this looked like, obviously you 
see there was a lot of room for MORE pepperoni!

Once again, a JLiver recipe was used to feed the flock!


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