Stacey's Chicken, Green Chile and Mushroom Enchiladas!!!

My friend, Stacey Harvey Pross, posted a version of this recipe on Facebook.
It sounded so good that I had to try it.
Starting with her recipe, I added a few Todd Touches and here
is what came from it.

Her recipe called for a can a cream of chicken soup.  I'm not a big fan of condensed
soups, so I made cream of mushroom soup and used that instead. 

I had some left over roasted chicken, so that's where I started.  
Adding green chilies, black olives, tomatillas and cheese completed the filing.
One of Staceys suggestions was to use flour tortillas.
I wasn't too sure about this, as I would tend to use corn for enchiladas.
Showing trust in her, I stuck with the flour.

This is such a departure from traditional enchiladas, that I started to 
get a little nervous.  Which was unfounded.  
These were AWESOME!
The mushroom soup added some rich, creamy mushroomy flavor 
that was unexpected, but very welcome.

As suggested in Stacey's post, I enjoyed this with salsa and a mexican beer.

Good Job Stacey!

Want me to see what I can do with your recipe?
Send it to me and I'll toy with it,
and post the results.


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