Persimmon and Rosemary Bundt Cake

I was at Costco a few days ago and saw a package of persimmons.
I've never tried them, but been curious.  I bought them
and then had to come up with something to do with them.
In addition, my rosemary bush is totally out of control
and needed some heavy duty trimming.  I plan to make
christmas gifts out of the huge rosemary bounty that
I now have in my kitchen.  But I digress....

I used my googleskill, and found that there are many recipes that
utilize both persimmons and rosemary.
Most online searches came back with a bread, cookie or cake.
I took that as a sign and started with a cake.  The recipe I used
did not include rosemary, but I simply just added rosemary to
persimmon pulp.

I peeled and seeded 6 persimmons and then put that into 
the food processor and blitzed it up a bit.  I purposefully
didn't scrape the sides until the end.  I wanted to have some variety
in the size of the pulp pieces.  After I got the smaller consistency that
I wanted, then I scraped down the sides and added these larger pieces
and did not blitz again.

I combined all the wet ingredients with the persimmon pulp.

Sifted all the dry ingredients, and then folded them together to combine.

I poured that into a prepared bundt pan.  
Of course, prepared means that I used non stick spray and flour to prevent
the cake from sticking.

I made a quick cream cheese icing with lemon.  It was a little too thin,
and didn't set up, or glaze, as I wanted, but the flavor was there.

This dense cake had such a unique and bizarre flavor, that I couldn't stop 
eating it.  I used a tad too much rosemary, but the strong rosemary
flavor, combined with the persimmon, was quite addicting.  
It's one of those flavors that get better as you continue to eat it.

The texture and flavor of this reminded me a little of fruit cake.
It was sweet, tart and savory!



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