Dutchess' Birthday At Spoon

For the Dutchess' birthday this year (back in October) I got tickets to Michael Buble'.  
This was our 3rd time to see him so I wanted to go to a very nice restaurant to add to the experience.
I decided to go to John Tesar's Spoon.
We had never been, but John was on Top Chef and Spoon came
highly recommended from fellow foodie, Brad Murano.
Check him out at:  http://www.thebradsblog.com/

We made a reservation and when we showed up they asked us if
we wanted to sit at the chef's table overlooking the kitchen....yes, please!

The menu was on an iPad, but we knew that we were going to forego
that and elect for the tasting menu, at Brad's suggestion.

The first thing that came out was King Salmon with Summer Truffle.
This was melt in your mouth awesome.  My first taste of truffle and
it was extremely tasty.

The next course was a Sea Scallop, brown butter, dashi and burgundy truffle.  
The unami in this dish was phenomenal.  Dutchess' scallop was actually
still moving.  You can't get much fresher than that.

The third course was Squid Ink Fettuccine, Jumbo Lump Crab, Spicy Marinara and Arugula.
This was my first squid ink adventure.  They even brushed ink on the plate as a garnish.

You can tell that I hated every single bite!

Next up was Maya Prawns, Kimchee Pancake and Kimchee Butter.
Very good!

Fifth course was Swordfish with a Picholine Olive Vinaigrette
and Wild Watercress & Toasted Quinoa.  
By this point, my mouth was in heaven.

Sixth course was Arctic Char, mushroom Dashi, Pickled Hon-Shimeji Mushrooms and 
Green Onions and Chanterelle Mushrooms.
I was starting to get full, but everything was so good, that I just continued
to eat everything that was set in front of me.

John was in view the whole time, and it was very methodical and quiet
in his kitchen.  No yelling, no goofing around.  Just productive and effective
production of enormously enjoyable food.

They brought out a dessert menu, and we got to choose our dessert.

Before our chosen desserts came out, they brought us
our "pre" desserts.  This liquid chocolate was 2die4!

This was another "pre" dessert.  The paper in the middle, with the spoon printed on it,
was edible paper.  There was a gelatin cube, a gingerbread bite and a few other goodies.

Dutchess choose this white delicacy, I forget the name, but it
had so many textures and was very good.

I had the chocolate textures.  I have to admit, that this was not my favorite.
Some of the textures were not to my liking, but overall the dish was quite good.

So after having such a great experience, I messaged my friend Brad.

Since Brad is friends with John, I actually got a personal thank you
from John Tesar himself!

My overall opinion of Spoon is that while it is rather pricey,
the food is phenomenal and I hasten to say that it might just be worth it!

So now the Father must look for a second job to pay for 
this extravagant birthday experience.


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