Awesome Chicken/Turkey Burger to Celebrate 4th of July

I wanted to do something a bit special for 4th of July, but I'm a bit 
busy with work so I didn't have much time to plan and prepare.
So I settled on burgers, but I wanted to do it a bit different than the norm.

I got ground chicken and turkey and mixed it together with hoisin & soy sauce
and a little chili paste.  After mixing it together, I let it chill out for a 
bit in the fridge to marinate the flavors.

The burger fixins were pretty standard (tomato, red onion,
romaine lettuce and pickle), I also added some jalapenos and banana peppers
from our garden.  I didn't stop there.
I quartered some radishes and served with carrots.
I wanted chips, but needed an element that was out of the
ordinary.  So I got some purple potatoes and sliced
them carefully in the madeline and fried them in the 
trusty fry daddy.

Plated along side a Shiner Hefeweizen and this holiday meal
was complete.  With a small prayer for all those that have served
to allow my family to celebrate freedom, our holiday got started.
Next step is to The Colony's Liberty By The Lake!

Father fed his flock a nice holiday meal!


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