Himalayan Salt Plate Cooking

The Dutchess and Zach gave me a himalayan salt plate for 
Father's Day.  I wanted to try it out.
I was going to do scallops, but Sprouts didn't have any,
so I got chicken cutlets.

I used this....

And turned it into this!

By doing this...

I'm toying with putting more videos on this blog, but it takes a lot
of time and effort just to add the photos, so I wont overdo it.
This is the first attempt...I wanted to let you hear the sizzle
of the cutlet cooking.  I realize that it is out of focus and not
properly lit, but it gets better as it goes.  

My take on the salt plate is that the chicken was thoroughly seasoned, all the way through.  It wasn't overly salty, but it was heavily seasoned with a light
salt taste.  It was vastly different than just putting on too much salt.
I will have to experiment with different proteins, like scallops or shrimp.
The process is kind of fun, but you have to heat the salt up gradually, so
it took a long time.


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