Hawaiian Chicken with Parsley Basmati Rice and Fruit/Veggie Salad

The inspiration for this meal came from our summer activity of the day...
Hawaiian Falls waterpark, here in the Colony.
I love having a full on waterpark within 4 miles of my house.

As I headed to the store, I had teriyaki marinade in mind, along with
pineapple and a julienne fruit and veggie salad.  
I purposely got bone in & skin on chicken breasts cause
I thought the marinade would char just right on the edges and skin.
I was RIGHT!  Yum!
I had the teriyaki marinade in my hand while I checked the other
choices.  I ran across a flavor that was actually called Hawaiian.
Back went the teriyaki and home came the hawaiian.
I marinated the breasts in a ziplock bag with the delicious fruit & citrus based
marinade for about 3 hours.  The grill was their next destination.
With the chicken I grilled some pineapple slices.

I cooked the basmati rice in the rice cooker with lemon, then added 
parsley at the end.  

The salad was julienne jicama, carrots, granny smith apples, red pepper, green pepper, kiwi, orange juice, pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar, walnut oil and olive oil.

I utilized some of our abundance of rainbow swiss chard as a plating element
and layered the grilled pineapple and chicken.

Wow!  What a great summer dish this ended up being.
Fresh, light, healthy and delicious!

I will use this technique again cause it
successfully helped me, the father, feed his flock!!!


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