Dijon Glazed Pork Chops with Au Gratin Potatoes

This meal was rich, decadent and extremely delicious.  I tried to only
eat a small portion, but I failed.  Never was I so happy to fail!

Dutchie and I were out shopping for our son's birthday presents.
He made out like a bandit, we spoil him too much, but we can't help it.
Luckily, he's a pretty good kid so far (he's only 6).

While driving back, I asked what she wanted for dinner, and she
hit the internet to scour for ideas.  She came up with several, but I was knocking them
down left and right, for one reason or another.

Then she said Dijonaisse Glazed Pork Chops.
Shut the front door, that sounds good.

We headed to Kroger to get the ingredients and along the way I got the
idea to pair this with au gratin potatoes.  
Ended up being two rich dishes, and we should have stuck with one.   But I'm glad we didn't.

I had some russet potatoes, but I knew I wanted to have at least 2 different kinds of maters.
So I got a sweet tater.  I came up with the recipe from memory.
Mandolin sliced taters and arranged them to spread the different types around.
I grated some monterey jack and mozzarella in a pot and melted it with some flour, s/p, 
dijon mustard and milk.
I then poured the gooey mixture over the tates and added some more grated cheese
on top, to which I added feta and parmesan.  
This is what it looked like prior to the oven.

The chop recipe was simple.
Brown the pork in a skillet and remove.
Just a bit of oil and, of course, s/p.

Then take soy sauce, apricot preserves, dijon mustard and chopped green onions.
Combine this into a small bowl, mix and let marinate.
I did this before the pork was done to let the flavors meld.

After you remove the chops, put the mixture into your skillet and let thicken a bit.
Put the chops back in and let them heat back up in this rich deliciousness.

The au gratin was slightly browned and bubbly, so it was time to eat!!!
The sweet tates cooked faster than the same size russet slices.
I loved the variety.

My original plan was just pork and potatoes, but I had some left over salad,
so I added that.  I'm glad I did cause it helped cut some of the richness.

Have I mentioned this was rich and delicious?

I would love to try this (slightly altered) on chicken
The dijon sauce was so good on the pork.

Zachary like almost everything.  He didn't like the sauce on the chops. I anticipated this
and left one chop out for him.  He also does not like sweet potatoes
so he ate around them.

So for the first time in a few weeks, the father, 
once again, fed his flock.

Actually, I feed my flock almost every night, but sometimes
I'm just too plain lazy to take photos and write about it.

Too bad, cause I make some good meals that don't make it online!


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