Calzones with scratch dough and homemade ricotta

I cashed in one of my christmas gifts, cooking classes at Sur La Table.
I chose cheese making and knife skills.  Today was the cheese
class, mozzarella and ricotta.
The class was very fun, and I learned a lot.
Armed with my new knowledge, the ideas were swimming in my head 
on the ride home.
Lasagna and calzone were at the top of the list.
Calzone won!

I started off by making a batch of ricotta, which is
surprisingly easy.  Milk, buttermilk and salt is basically all
that is involved.
Here is what a half gallon of whole milk yields 
in ricotta (re-coat-a)  or (re-goat - as my old italian boss at Perrellis would say)

I pulled out J-livers (Jamie Oliver) pizza dough
recipe.  For the first time I used part semolina flour
in the dough.  It made quite a difference.

After the dough doubled in size, I used my new french rolling pin,
and created 2 medium sized pizza doughs.
I simply used chopped ham, ricotta and to one of them 
I added baby kale leaves.
I brushed the top with olive oil, and sprinkled
some salt and pepper on them.

They turned out golden brown and delicious.
I realized that I didn't take any photos of the inside, but 
imagine chopped black forest ham, some dried herbs de Reid
and the gorgeous homemade ricotta.

We used some store bought marinara and ranch for dipping.
3 thumbs up!!!
Father proudly fed his flock!


  1. Wow! This looks so good! I have a Sur la Table custom class to schedule and gift card to use too! I think I want to learn sauces. Now I want to make calzones. I haven't made them from scratch before. I'm inspired.


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