BBQ Grill Fried Chicken, Mexican Style Corn and Jalapeno Cornbread

I was going to make chicken tortilla soup tonight, but Zachary complained about
the soup he had at school for lunch.  There went that idea.

I already had some chicken thighs thawing, so at the grocery store, I spontaneously
came up with this meal.  I'm not sure what made me think of this, 
cause I'm not sure I've ever seen it before.
The plan was originally to oven bake the chicken, but when
corn was introduced, and I love grilled mexican style corn, I thought
that if I had a pan that could stand the heat...I would get out of the kitchen.
My cast iron fit the bill, so off I went.

I marinated the thighs in milk, sriracha sauce and garlic for a few hours.
Using the wetness from the marinade, I dredged it in a mixture of panko, flour and 
seasoning salt.  I started the grill, then put a few glugs in the cast iron, and set it in to get 
it hot.  In the meantime, I got the corn ready to go.  Mayonaise, s/p and wrapped it in foil.
I grated some parmesan and added it to some chopped cilantro and added 
that to the corn after it was cooked.

Cornbread seemed like a perfect add to complete the meal.
I used my 3 sectioned pan, and put jalapenos in two of them.
None for the zman!  As you can see
the bread rose a bit too much and almost looked like a 
loaf a bread.  Luckily the heat did not travel.

I used only a small amount of oil to keep the fat at a manageable 
level.  The fried thighs came out juicy and crispy!

Add a simple salad made with Boston lettuce and tomatoes,
and the meal was complete!

This got thumbs up from even Zachary, and I was completely 
satisfied.  I LOVE corn done this way, the cornbread had
a small amount of heat and worked well with the chicken.

I was successful in feeding the flock...again!!!


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