Thanksgiving Pot Pie

So like everyone else, I had some thanksgiving leftovers, and friday I was wondering what else to do with them.  I already had the obligatory turkey, brie and cranberry sandwich.
I saw a short cooking segment on the today show, they ALWAYS run out of time and don't show the whole thing.  At the end the chef just mentioned and quickly 
showed a small turkey pot pie.
I know what we're eating tonight!

So I quickly looked at a few recipes online, and got the gist of it and then I went for it, using only my brain as a weapon.
I started by gathering what I thought would work...turkey, mashed potatoes, baked corn and puffed pastry was all left over from thanksgiving.  I added celery, onion, garlic, chicken stock and frozen peas.
I chopped everything up and fired up the cast iron skillet.
Olive oil was heated, then I put in the onions, 
celery, garlic and corn.
After they softened up a bit, I added the turkey, mashed potatoes (and gravy) and
chicken stock and a few tablespoons of flour to thicken and some parsley.  I slowly brought it to a boil.
In the meantime, I put a sheet of puff pastry into a round pie dish and blind baked it to start the cooking process.  
After my mixture thickened up and the bottom crust was slightly browned...
I added the mixture into the pan, and topped it with another sheet of puff pastry.  A couple of slits and some salt and pepper and we were off.

I had a little white meat, but mostly dark meat leftover.
I love how thick the mixture got.

Out of the oven, the pot pie was golden brown and
smelled awesome.

Here is our leftover meal leftovers.
I will have this for lunch tomorrow too!!

I served the pot pie with our cranberry relish and I have to tell you that this was an awesome meal.  I ended up spreading the cranberries all over my slice
and it provided a tang to the creamy and delicious pot pie.

I have to say that only 2/3rds of the flock was successfully fed, as Zachary was not a fan.
He had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich....
His loss!


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