Saffron, Flounder and White Bean Stew

The Dutchess and I took Zachary to Galveston for some beach and 
memory making with good friends.
We had a nice and relaxing time at the bay.  We naturally gravitated towards the 
abundance of fresh seafood.  Boiled shrimp, red snapper, oyster po boys and seafood gumbo
were quite anticipated and enjoyed.

I decided to take advantage of the fresh seafood shops on the seawall.  
I bought a whole flounder and 2 lbs of stone crab claws.  I was VERY 
close to coming home with a LARGE red snapper, but I didn't press my luck.
I was 6 hours from home, but I had a cooler and a whole lotta ice!

I cheated a bit...culinarily speaking, by having the fishmonger clean, filet and skin
the flounder for me.  I was actually looking forward to attempting it, but
after seeing them all, I decided to leave that to the pros.

Checking the largest cook book ever known, the internet,
I found a recipe for saffron, flounder and white bean stew.
Been waiting for a reason to justify spending 
$20 for a few red threads. 2 grocery stores later and we had all the ingredients.

the best being the red gold known as saffron.

So good, that I had to take another picture.

Onions, garlic, ground fennel & coriander, white beans, tomatoes
thyme sprigs and clam juice make up the basic broth.

The rest was of course the amazing flounder filets...

I was a bit worried that it was too hot outside to enjoy such a dish,
but with the combo of the white beans and the fish, with
the saffron linger.....yea, it came in at the end of your bite and lingered
in your throat.
I also found some awesome micro greens/sprouts while on vacation
and that helped round out the plating of this successful dish.

The garlic bread was Hawaiian style rolls, cut into strips,
and slathered with a butter/olive oil/garlic/parmesan mixture.

This was one of those meals that was successful all around.
Not only did it satisfy our seafood binge that we seem to be on,
but it was also thumbs up approved by all Reids.

Father traveled 6-7 hours with seafood in a cooler,
to feed his flock

Don't be surprised if my next post is about the 2 lbs of 
stone crabs that I got with the flounder.


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