Herb harvest for drying

I harvested some herbs for drying this season.  
Pictured is (l to r) Rosemary, Mint, Lavender, Thyme and Oregano.

Everything except the lavender were washed, dried and placed in a paper bag, tightly rolled to complete the drying process.  Lavender was dried on a cookie sheet.  I know that some may say this is not the way to do it and you risk mold.  
I say, HA!  I've done this several times, and have yet to have moldy herbs.  I washed them and then tightly rolled them in a towel to squeeze the water out of them, so I hope I will be safe again this time.  

I usually keep a small lunch sack on my kitchen counter and whenever I use fresh herbs, I put the leftovers and stems (that always seem to have a few leaves left on them) into this bag.  After several months all of these have dried and I clean and grind them through a colander to produce what I refer to as Herbs De Reid.

As I had all this homegrown awesomeness in front of me...I couldn't JUST dry them for future use.
I made a thyme infused olive oil, a rosemary/garlic infused vegetable oil, mint/cinnamon apple cider and lavender/herb tea.  

I also used them in the next day or two to make lavender rice, thyme/oregano red snapper and a slider that included lavender and onions.
Tonight I will use some more rosemary to herb crust our steaks, and also use more thyme for our sautéed zucchini.

I will use these dried herbs for SEVERAL meals that will successfully feed my flock.
Stay tuned!


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