Grilled Tilapia with fruit

I've been absent for a few weeks due to work commitments, but since the page views have gone down to nil, I thought I'd better do something so you guys dont forget about us.
Dutchie is on a strict diet, Slim4Life, and I've been putting in hellacious hours at the edit suite, so there hasn't been much excitement going on at our dinner table.
However....last night Dutchie cooked a meal that is very blog worthy!
She grilled tilapia filets to perfection, then topped them with fruit, peaches & strawberries with basil and mint.  This was simply plated with basmati rice and asparagus.  All sticking to the confines of her diet, which include, but not limited to, NO oil, and only smart balance butter.
Most of her special meals have had that "healthy or diet" quality to them, all taste relatively good, but you immediately feel that you are eating healthy.
This meal was moist, delicious and a joy to eat.  The fruit topping went so well with the grilled fish, that I'm for sure putting that into my arsenal of culinary tricks.

Only one photo today, but I will share a funny story.

When my mother was growing up and she would ask my grandmother what was for dinner...the answer was ALWAYS "just dinner!" and she went on with her day.  There was no concessions made for what the kids "wanted" to eat, they ate dinner or they did not get fed.  
I wonder why that has changed, as I sometimes will cook basically two meals cause I know that Zachary wont eat certain things.  I find it weird to even consider sending him to bed without any food, cause he didn't like what I cooked.  Its funny how the times, they are a changin'.
As parents, have we gone soft?  Or do we care more? 
I can't decide.  Our parents, and our generation grew up just fine under these "harsh" conditions.

I like to think that I pay more attention to my son, because my parents seemed to care more about their own agenda, than what my wants/needs were.
However that fact is not lost on me, that I may just be a big ole softee!
Why do we now allow our children to "run the show" so much? 


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